custom made sails for various applications

"Bawo produces tailor made sails  for private and industrial use and for all kind of purposes. The best quality materials like PVC 9/9 sail with a weight of 680 grams p/m2."

The materials:

Your sidewall will be made completely to measure from high-quality PVC and window film, this also means that you can choose from various options such as;

- multiple colours

- Colours of the straps

- colour of stitching

- normal, tinted or XL windows

 - etc..

This makes it possible to always match the sidewall to its surroundings.


And because tastes differ, of course.

The side panel: 

The side panel in its entirety consists of several parts:


- The guide rail into which the guide is slid from above the wall.


- The side wall itself including windows, doors, etc..


-A concealed metal tube behind the rain flap at the bottom of the tarpaulin to tighten it and to improve the structural integrity.


This, together with the oval rings/locks on the sides, ensures a sturdy construction that is both easy to attach and store.

How to order?


Our sidewalls are always made to measure according to the customer's wishes. If you would like a quotation or have any questions about our sidewalls, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For the easiest communication regarding prices and offers, we advise you to send an email with the day measurements and a short description of what you want. We will then respond as soon as possible.



Some examples of sails/applications: